Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hi, its Thing Two. Recently I've been reflecting that some stuff is not working out for me as much as I thought it would. For instance, I thought homeschooling would be easier. Even being expelled is not easy. Must I plan everything?                                                                                                                                                 
Why is everything arranged like we are having business meetings? Do you know much I hate that? Why do we have to use email when your standing RIGHT THERE?  How come I'm not allowed to do stuff my way?  Although I like being treated older, I'm being told how wrong I am almost every second. Nobody seems to understand me anymore. You could say I'm not exactly "feeling the love". It seems that mom is always on edge more, ready to yell and fight, and that I'm even more ready to cry and give up, run upstairs and lie in bed. My dollhouse project is lying on the floor wishing (like me) that I could stop and work on it, instead leaving it a messy pile of rubble and broken dreams. The only thing that wills me out of bed in the morning is my perfect dress, so essential to my perfect birthday party and my hope that easier times will come along with the better weather.


  1. Hi Thing Two, here is oooold me with all the answers. Sorta.

    "For instance, I thought homeschooling would be easier. Even being expelled is not easy. Must I plan everything?"

    I was expelled too. It was fairly easy to actually get expelled. All I did was do nothing. But it wasn’t easy dealing with it when it arrived and I was thrown outta school.
    Must you plan everything?

    Well, Numbah two if you don’t plan it, who will?
    If someone else does the planning whose life is it then?
    One way to take control of your life the way adults do is to make yourself responsible for your own plans. According to what you want to do or to have, then what will you need to is . . .

    Jacques Plante said about being a goalie for the Montreal Canadiens, “How would like a job where if you make one tiny mistake, a red light goes on and twenty thousand people start to boo and call you a bum?”

    "Why is everything arranged like we are having business meetings? Do you know much I hate that?"

    The business meetings are over the business of lessons. Perhaps you can talk to the Thing about that, have your own lesson plan?
    I am still home schooling myself and I have a tough time learning because of the way my brilliant brain works.
    So if you want a better learning experience, grab control of the next lesson and run it the way you hope it lets you learn better.
    One aspect of the home school is that at least the teacher really is on your side and wants you to learn. Cross that bit out. She wants you to succeed. And be happy.

    We know she is sometimes a bit intense, so you are going to have to learn how to better manage your teaching resource.

    I built a doll house once for a woman who was unable to finish it because she was dying of cancer. But she wanted her grand kids to have one from her as a gift.
    It was a very complicated kit, but I made it the way she wanted it to be with electric lights, a hinged roof, wall paper on the inside, a whole raft of neat stuff. Individual shingles on the roof, and the floors all varnished. But she died just before it was finished, and the kids didn’t want it.
    It was too big, too elaborate to have little kids play with it. So perhaps I should have just raced through a smaller, simple edition she could give while she was alive, and the kids could wreck if they played with it.

    Which means sort of – your education is a large complicated doll house of a thing that will take time to complete. Years later you will look back at things you did and see them as small stages.

    So do the doll house with the time you have from the learning you need to do, and accept the results you get.
    The tough thing about school is that no matter how good the teacher is at doing the teach bit, the student has the hard part of doing the learning bit.

    Its teamwork.

    So far I think it’s pretty cool to see the results, and I am cheering the whole team. Not every game has to be won, but every game needs to have the players competing.

    See if you can get the coach to talk about the bits you are getting right, along with the bits that need to be 'improved'?

  2. Well said, Thing Two. I wish I could write half as well as you do. Funny, to the point, and hopeful. Inspiring, keep up the good work. Thanks.