Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yay! Yay! Yay!

Hiya, it's thing two! Mom has reminded me that i should post, so here goes.. Its only been a two day week for us, and we havent got much done in a while. However,  I have been letting my imagination run wild, (not that thats anything new, of course) and my interesting stuff has been:

The amazing idea of going to New Zealand

How nice the weather has been here (no snow, sunny, almost spring like!) which has lead to my summer hopes, basically little snippets of things that seem like fun to do, painting in my oversized t-shirt and bathing suit (yay! warm!) going to the beach while swirling around in my beautiful red dress (yay! beaches!) , having a party, and oh! Oh! ohohohohohohoh!! having a party on the beach! A birthday party on the beach! (I'm turning twelve in June)   In my red dress! and then painting! yay! oh Yay! Yay!

My little robber snake band, sorta like the idea of Redwall, a series by Brian Jacques I'm hooked on.

The idea of walking to Halifax from Cape Breton alone, to raise money for the Red Cross and Haiti ( like a mini Terry Fox sorta thing)

Practicing twirling my stick, and more ideas by the minute!

Also yesterday i found a five leaf clover. No kidding. Its being pressed in an Archie comic book right now.

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