Monday, January 18, 2010


Hi, Its thing two. I'm the daughter of the operation. thing one is my mother. the day is half over, but its too close to lunch for me too go into depth about it.  Mom says I should include what i've learned so far, even if it was that she is a bossy old woman. when she started to tell me what to do that popped into my mind in the first place so i'll go with that. I'm major read-a-holic, but now i'm homeschooling i get a little more time to do the things that i like rather than the things i'm supposed to, like (ugh) math. (i typed that with as much hatred as i could, did you notice?) not to say that i'm not working. i am.  But i get to paint and read work on my diarama and (yay!) listen music on my new ipod, and be super grouchy without getting detention.

I also played hockey with my walking stick and a clementine i found in the ditch.. and me and thing one found our new favorite word :  



  1. Math and I were enemies, language was my friend.

    I too was a read-a-holic.

    And one day while reading I found a sentence that said Math is a language that can describe just about anything.

    But though I became friendlier to the stuff, it still gives me a headache.

    All adults really need in math is the ability to figger out the lowest price (not all that easy).

    And to calculate the total mentally while the sales troll uses the machine, so you can amaze them by having the exact change ready in advance or give odd pennies with the bills so you get silver back instead of those dred pennies that make holes in your pockets...

    And for adults, spelling is optional so tell Thing one to back off my case, and go figure.

  2. Yes! Couldn't have said it better myself!

    thing two