Tuesday, January 19, 2010

There's a new bug in my bed...

Hey, its Thing Two. So, about two days ago Thing One found a little bug in my bed. I'm also proud to say that I did not freak out as much as I did when I found the mealworm. I've been amusing myself with him since we got home from the walk. The bug, who has recently been dubbed Sir Bucky Omega Apple Veloce Hambriento ( Omega Crunch is something we put on our breakfast which he is fond of, and Apple because he has been stuffing himself with that for twenty minutes now. Veloce is fast in Italian and Hambriento is hungry in Spanish.) Anyway, here's what I've done so far :

Thing One thought he must be getting hungry, so she fed him some cornmeal and water.  Then came my idea to put different food in a line and see which ones he liked. For a while all he was interested in doing was escaping, so I put him in a little bowl.

He still wanted to escape.

After a while he seemed to give up and went around to observe his new territory. Once he figured out he could eat this stuff, in no particular order, he seemed to like:

Omega crunch
Wet Cornmeal

He took bites out of  dried rose petals, oats, bark and toast (and also pooped on it) but didnt seem to like grass, catnip or potato. Now he's sitting on some bark. I'm going to build him a habitat in his bowl. Maybe it'll turn out that he's a digging bug. As for what I learned today, Sir Bucky Omega Apple Veloce Hambriento has a sweet tooth. And a large appetite. We have so much in common.

Update: We would like to report that Sir Bucky is missing from his habitat, although there was another bug, close in looks to Bucky, found drowned in the bathroom.

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