Saturday, June 26, 2010

Decision day at nowhere.

So, the report has been written and the choice has been made. The bombshell, glittering in the sun, has been delivered. I'm returning for seventh grade. Maybe a bombshell was not the greatest
choice of words. You've boarded the plane, you've jumped off the swing, you've gotten in the castle dread cart at the carnival. You're moving fast and agonizingly slow at the same time.In the dark, a blur of clanging noises, sharp turns, eyes peering at you from every angle.The track is determined already for you now, but how you deal with it is your choice. You close your eyes, put your hood up and think about the engineering maybe, or sing Lady Gaga at the top of your voice, whatever. School is like that, in a way. I've sent the email to the principal, report attached. Be proud of what you have accomplished, what you're doing, your goals, achievements. Remember why, what, when, how. Then, you're done, you're out, you're finished, you're proud. I'm going to miss homeschooling, the freeness of it all, learning the stuff I'm interested in. But I'm also glad I'm coming back. My friends, the activities. And of course, I only said back for seventh grade right?

Here's the report, before I forget..

Home school report January to June 2010
By Thing Two

This year I have learned many things. I have learned important life skills, such as cooking and gardening, by preparing meals using food from our garden. I have done large amounts of dishes and many other things that are necessary when in working in kitchens. I have tried many edible plants growing in our garden. I have also tried many new foods, such as duck, squid, and lamb.

I listened to Terry O’Reilly, on “The Age of Persuasion”, a show about advertising. I have made PowerPoints and I’m constructing a menu. I have read books and looked at art about and in restaurants. I have talked to people about how they create their dishes.
I have experimented and created my own meals.

All these skills and the information I’ve collected will help me realize my dream to become a chef and have my own restaurant.

I have studied with my mother the importance of different plants in our environment. We took walks each morning during the winter. I have continued to take riding lessons weekly. I have watched things grow intently by growing my own flower garden. During the warmer part of spring that I was here for, I explored our river nearly everyday, watching Nature come alive again around me.

I learned about how to budget and travel well, thanks to our wonderful trip to England. By talking with and buying from the people at outdoor markets and yard sales I learned budgeting. I also learned about currency exchange by turning my dollars into pounds. Earlier in the year I also studied bookkeeping. I have learned how to pack, how to navigate large crowds, and how to get somewhere on a subway, bus and ferry.

I have read about cultures of other places, such as Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and past and present England. I explored their gods, lifestyles, houses, and jobs.

I have practiced my French by talking with the students from France that came over to England for a field trip. Also I practiced Spanish and took Gaelic lessons. All this is good because one day I want to travel the world.

I was amazed by architecture past and present by visiting and exploring Bodiam Castle, Dover Castle and the secret war tunnels, Canterbury Cathedral, Kew Gardens, the London Eye, and Tynemouth Priory. I visited the Tate Modern and took a Thames River tour in London.

I have practiced techniques for looking after children, learned about my relatives, and discovered courage and compassion from my family.

I am very pleased with what I have accomplished this year. This summer we will be taking a well deserved break and attending a day camp at Louisburg Fortress and a dance camp in Halifax. In the fall I will be returning to school for seventh grade.

Just because I'm back in school doesn't mean I'm going to stop learning, right?

Thing Two

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  1. Good report.

    It shows you learned important things about how to live a practical life long before I learned them at the same age in a "normal" school.

    Well done!