Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A conversation in which Thing Two says something funny, & Thing One tells her to blog it.

So Thing One and I were talking about impulse control. She asked me to give three sentences about impulses.
My sentences were:  Maria's first impulse was to run when she saw the bear.   Donald's first impulse was to laugh when he saw what the committee was wearing. Anne's first impulse was to stand still when she saw the strange bird.  Later we were talking about fixing ourselves before we fix other people. I said we could write a book. The title would be :

Impulse control with Thing One and Thing Two.
How to stop being such a bitch !  We did it, and you can too!
People may have doubts, but its true!  You can control your impulses!


  1. I will advance order that book on Amazon. It sounds like a funny one.

  2. Or you could just give me five bucks now, and i'll talk to you when the book is published?

    ;)Thing Two.

    P.S. Thing One doesn't have to know.

  3. Hello? Earth to comments section? Thing One can read!